Tap into that unlimited wealth & money that you are born to have, and let's uncover your success, in ways that you have never imagined.

It's time for you too, to shine and grow bigger. 

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

Let your life/business flow with ease, making your dreams happening, one after the other.

And become your fullest potential in the process, opening the door to a whole new world...

⏳ Why am I stuck at my life and business no matter what I try?

⏳I have been in business for so long, and why am I not getting clients while the newbies are getting clients and earning much more money than me?

⏳I dream so big and I work very hard to achieve them. But why am I still at the bottom? I mean what else should I do to get the money coming in?

⏳I have done so many business programs, learnt all about marketing, read so many law of attraction books, and why my business is not working? Why is my life not what I want it to be? Where is the money?

If those were the questions that have been going in your mind for a while day and night, if you have come to an end that you have lost faith in everything and about to give up, then you are being sent here, because your destiny, your life and soul really want you to get into the journey of becoming who you are really meant to be.

I mean, the promise that you had made with the universe a long ago, just before you came into this life.

You may have got lost in the day to day human struggles and forgotten how wealthy and successful you are actually meant to be, how great and big of a task that you carry into this life, and much of an unimaginable potential you have to become the most successful person that you have ever thought of.

And I want you to know, that this is quite normal. Not every one of us remembers our full potential, nor get to live in full potential.

Most of the people are present in themselves around 40%. When one is present about 50%, that is when one says that everything is going quite well, and she or he has everything together.

If you are struggling right now, it is most likely that you are gone under 50% of your fullest capacity, mostly around 20%-40%.

Now just imagine, what would it look like, if you manage to have the grip of having around 80 - 90% of your self and to function your energy, money, external affairs and everything in that level?

And what would it be if you manage to go over 90%?
Is it even possible?

Of course, it is Absolutely Possible.

There are many people who do function in that range, and they are the ones who just start a business, and boom they nail it making an abundance of success.
They are the ones who have every area or many areas of their lives going extremely good.
They are the ones who don't have to take much effort to earn money, and money and fortune seem to fall in their laps, opportunities happen one after the other, and life becomes a wealth machine!

Wealthy Woman

Now imagine, strange as it might sound to you, (depending on how you are feeling about your success right now) what if you got to become one of those people?

Imagine, your business is working at its best, you only have to launch a program and it is sold out, clients are falling in line, things are happening really good for you. And you, finally becoming the person that you only dreamt of before...

Unrealistic as it may sound to you right now, what if it is really possible for you?

Then let me tell you, I have been doing exactly that, for a living now for many years. And I have helped so many women entrepreneurs to tap into their money spot, and to become their best selves, changing their lives into unimaginable levels of success.

Aleksandra - Testimonial

Aleksandra Velimirovic Janakievski

Spiritual mentor
CEO at Balkan Energy Retreat Concept

"I was first attracted to Iresha when I saw her distinctive and luxurious visual appearances. Very stylish and harmonious and exactly what I want to be too. So I took a call to make sure that I am in the right place, and immediately after that, signed up to work with her.

I have been in the private business field for more than a decade before I started my business, and I was pleasantly surprised by Iresha's approach. She successfully tailored the program for me and built it upon female principles, just as I wished. No more burnouts, sense of guilt or doubt. She leads me through a great balance between inspiration and real action, spiritually and very practical money and business steps essential for growth, and this makes her work incredibly different from any other program out there.

Iresha knows very well that just strong will or intention can't do anything without acting together with our subconsciousness. Although her program has a very obvious and strong structure, there is also a lot of space for intuition. And she uses that skill together with her practical money skills, amazingly.

At the same time, Iresha is an excellent life coach, business coach, money & wealth coach and an amazing person. She uses inspirative meditations and a lot of techniques in a way that every session combines time for learning and time for growing.
For me, the most important benefit that I have from working with Iresha is the magical flow of money and life that I am experiencing now."

The lesser known secret to creating success and letting wealth happen in your life and business

Many people think that the reason their businesses are not working is the lack of business knowledge or the lack of business systems.

But the truth is, I have worked with so many clients who had the perfect business, the perfect business systems, the fancy marketing strategies but were not making a penny out of them. I've had clients who had spent a fortune on business programs, personal growth programs and even the law of attraction programs but were not making a penny.

I've also had clients whose business systems were very basic, simple and some of them didn't even know much about business but managed to make an enormous amount of money just halfway through working with me.

Many think that the number one factor for wealth and success is the advancement of external sources. But the real factor that decides if one is to become wealthy & successful or not, lays somewhere else.

One of the big mistakes many people do is that they put success into so many different boxes. There is the business box, then the money box, mindset box, spirituality box, energy box and law of attraction box and much more.

Many people go after each of these boxes when one doesn't work itself. And they go deeper in these separate boxes, and they forget where did they start.

My Success Journey...

My success journey happened after one day as I was sitting in our dining room, I got this download of this huge understanding and knowledge, that success is one unified unit that is made of all these boxes. I suddenly realised that we can easily tap into that zone of our genius and turn our lives and businesses magical, but it is also us who put things into separate boxes and make it hard for us.

I also realised that all we need is the right combination and the integration of those elements of success, which we previously have put into different boxes.

I understood that to create success in my business and life, I need to tap deep into those various areas, and combine them, align them and create that one unified unit, which is the success.

That is when my business started to skyrocket, and I dedicated my life's work to help entrepreneurs to build their business success, but tapping into the other side that they never thought is necessary or connected to their business success.

Iresha Tschunke

Founder & CEO of Wealthy Entrepreneurs' Academy

Hello, I am Iresha, your Money & Wealth Mentor. I am also the Founder & the CEO of Wealthy Entrepreneurs' Academy and I have worked with hundreds of women helping to find their money spot and to let wealth and success flow into their lives and businesses, in ways that they never imagined is possible.

I have lived in many countries, learning about money & wealth, at the same time teaching people not only to overcome poverty but to create their absolute dream lifestyle. I am German and live in Germany now, and my last abroad living was many years in Abu Dhabi.

I too started my journey from very small, with the ultimate curiosity of learning the right way to success. After trying a million business courses, a vast number of spirituality and manifesting programs, I was so exhausted why nothing is actually working.

And one day, as I was sitting in our dining room, I suddenly got this download in my head, the ultimate knowledge that success cannot be pursued by putting it into different boxes, and that success is one unified unit made with all of those boxes. And right on that day, my life changed.

People try to pursue success going after business strategies, OR spirituality, OR manifesting OR money mindset etc. putting success into different boxes. And right there is where we lose.

So over time, I had studied, learnt and mastered the right amount and the combination of energy, money and the external work that one needs to create the ultimate success, where the magic starts to happen. I mean, really, where things happen magically in your life and business. Many people think that this is not possible, but I have helped hundreds of women to do exactly that, leaving their old and struggling selves, and to become their happy, wealthy and easily money-making selves.

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

Are you ready to say YES to your big leap?


Renata Zolnoska

Laboratary Consultant

"All I have to say to anyone who keeps thinking whether to enroll or not is, just Do it, seriously. I have taken many programs with Iresha, including being a private client, and every time she manages to exceed my expectations. Being able to work with her means that magic starts to happen in your life. I don't have a business, and work as a Laboaraty consultant, and after working with her I don't need to think of starting a business at all. Because things are working extremely good in my job now."

Here is the plan for Wealthy Entrepreneurs' Academy VIP 1 on 1 coaching program with Iresha.

8 Private Sessions + Bonus Follow up Session

8 weekly Private sessions of 60 minutes + 1 Bonus follow up session at the end of the program

Work Material

Working material + Guided meditations + step by step daily tasks sheets

Strong Support

Most of all, Strong and True guidance, support and love from an extremely understanding yet goal oriented mentor

Each session is planned with a certain topic, to get to know more about the exact program, please book your FREE Exploratory Call HERE. (You will receive the exact program structure, and much more in the call)

What you'll get once the program is finished

  • The ultimate discovery of your highest potential, biggest dreams and luck that you never have discovered before.
  • The discovery of your consciousness/soul and tap into that knowledge of what is possible for you, why you are here and what is the next step, while mastering the energy, learning how to use it for money and wealth
  • Foundation discovery of wealth in your life.
  • Breaking free from what you have been protecting, and step into the real money maker.
  • The upgrading of money, wealth and yourself.
  • Advanced energy mastery for overcoming money fears, enhancing your wealthy identity and becoming your fullest potential.
  • Manifesting your dreams, money flow and much more.
  • Lifestyle and identity upgrade with the aligned changes in your world.

Bonus session - Follow up and celebration your success and the life changes

And this is how you can get yourself into this program

Wealthy Entrepreneurs' Academy's VIP program is an exclusively 1:1 session program with me. The only way to start this program is to come into a call with me, so I can get to know you, and we can have a nice chat about where you are on your journey right now, and where you want to be.

And this call is totally FREE of charge.

You can CLICK HERE to book your call, and my amazing business manager Chrissy Schmidt will send you the details and the links for our meeting.

Once you've got that done, we are all set to have a nice talk about your becoming wealthy plan.


Iva Kostic

Founder & the Principle of Doremi Music School, Abu Dhabi

"This was a once in a lifetime opportunity sent by the universe at the right moment. Over the years I have been trying things and different theories, but this program is different because it focuses on ACTION - step by step, clearly explained without any difficulty to understand. Iresha was the first person ever to explain what is MY part of this process.
Dear iresha, thousand times thank you for this knowledge, and I am now already experiencing a huge progress. I am looking forward to working with you more and can't wait"



Founder of Business And Heels - Personal Styling & Shopping

I wish I had the chance to learn from her way before I started my business, it would have given me such a good start and the maximum clarity of where I am headed and to how to reach there.
Working with Iresha actually made me rethink about all the systems I had been using and learning ever!



Transformation Empowerment Coach for conscious living for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons

Working with Iresha gave me new perspective and different angle of achieving my dream life through my business, and gave me answers to questions that I didn't even know that I had to know to create a successful, money making business.
Her working materials go really deep, and the trainings really rock.

testimonial - Wealthy Entrepreneurs Academy

Camelia Botoroaga

Reiki Specialist & a Former Lawyer

I would recommend her to anybody who wonders why they are not moving forward financially in their businesses and lives, and who want to turn their lives into a whole new First Class world.

I've met the most important and critical needs of my journey through working with Iresha. She found out exactly what stays in my way to accomplish what I wanted professionally. I was stuck with no idea at all, and she managed to not only to unstuck me, but also to bring me to the magical path.
In one session she was able to guide me towards an incredible journey to discover where I was trapped, I mean this was unbelievable. I was trapped in my father's projection about what he wanted for me, which I never ever thought the reason.

Iresha took time to allow me to fine what was there for me, she was so present holding the space, questioning and guiding softly yet making radical changes in my life. She is very professional, pleasant and amazing personality.

No matter how big your dreams are, no matter how impossible your dreams look like, no matter how daring your goals look, it is time for you to come out and claim your true destiny.

It is time to embrace your real destiny, and claim the unimaginable wealth and success potential that you are born with.

It is time to embrace your audacious dream and pave the way to make it happen.

How do you know that you are actually meant to be wealthy, successful and live a bigger and better lifestyle?
The simple desire of having such a life, the dreaming of such wealth and success and simply the reason that you are reading this page is the sign that you are born with such a destiny and purpose.

Our soul or consciousness knows why we came to this life, and when the right stage of evolution comes, it starts seeking fulfilling its purpose, the highest potential. In many people, this soul call is dimmed because they are buried in the layers and layers of conditioning.

But in some people like you, that soul calling is coming out, trying to fulfil its mission, and that is why you have this desire for certain goals, for certain big dreams, and the yearning for a better and bigger life.

So it is time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    How do I know if this program is the right one for me?

    I'm really happy that you asked because this is a huge decision, that will decide your fate.

    I have worked an enormous amount on myself, always going that extra and sometimes even uncomfortable step, so if you ask me personally I would say, if you are willing and committing to change your life into the next zone, deep within you, you know that this is right for you or not.

    And besides that, I have worked with hundreds of women who were afraid of taking the next step, but at the same time brave enough to step out of their comfort zone, and have reached unbelievably vast success levels.

    So in the end, it comes to all on your hands. Are you ready to go to the next level?

  2. 2
    How long does this program take?

    It is constructed into 8 weekly sessions, and you also get a bonus follow-up session at the end. Although I advise you to be present every week, it is in my experience that sometimes clients need a bit more time in between sessions. So the duration can differ.
  3. 3
    For whom is this program designed?

    The vast majority of the women that I have worked with so far are entrepreneurs and I am very customed and used to work in that way. But I also have had people who are in the cooperative world. So if you are someone who has recognised that you need to take that extra step to go to that big dreams, or if you are someone who is tired of being stuck at one level and wonders why can't you go further in wealth and money, this program is for you, regardless what you do for a living.
  4. 4
    Can I do it?

    If you are willing to do and committing to do it, I make sure that everything else in your learning experience is happening at its best. All I need is your commitment, and I am right there with you, every step in your way, and you absolutely can do it.
  5. 5
    How are the sessions delivered?

    The sessions are delivered via zoom, which you will get the links and all the information once you enrol on the program.

  6. 6
    What about the payments?

    You will learn all about it in our FREE Exploratory Call. (CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONE)

  7. 7
    I have been doing other personal development, money mindset and the law of attraction programs. How does this program differ from them?

    I am so glad that you asked because this is exactly where this program and all of my coaching methods differ and excel. Just imagine that you are to find a treasure inside the deep sea. And you were given a boat, so you can go to sea. And now, you are given a submarine, deep-diving kit and a map with the exact location of the treasure.

    My journey started when I realised that most of the systems and programs out there are touching just one part of the success surface and that success is one unified unit that needs the right integration, combination and application of the universal laws physical and non-physical.

    I was once a tired person who had done a ton of business programs, mindset programs, personal development programs and even spiritual programs out there and still not making any decent difference. I was a big dreamer, yet a struggling piano teacher. And today, I am the owner of a multifigure business, owner of real estate, wife to the love of my life and most of all, I have been proudly able to change so many women's lives, bringing them into their money spot.

    And what I teach and give you in this program is exactly what I did, and much more.

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