Hello, I am Iresha,

a passionate Money & Wealth Identity Mentor, a born to be change maker with the unwavering mission of creating wealth & Money in the world, philanthropist and a woman with unshakable, ungovernable and unending passion for uplifting women's lives in the world..

My story

For as long as I can remember, I've been incredibly interested in how to get rich and wealthy and have been insatiably curious about why different people have a different amount of financial statuses, why some people are well to do and some aren't, and what is the exact factor that distinguishes these two outcomes.

I know, sounds like a big topic to think as a child, but I was so taken over by these thoughts, and it felt like my mission of life to find it all.

I was also good and passionate about many other things, and that lead me to be the child that holds everyone's expectations of the family.

As a result of that, I was sent to study science for my advanced levels in the school, and at the same time, I was sent to study piano music at a music school, starting when I was 6 years old.

I was selected to university to study advanced science in biology, but I knew that something else was waiting for me. I wan't so sure what was that at the time, but I knew that going to university to do science is not why I am here on earth. So I said no, and I thought I am to continue my music studies. Well, it was like the next world war in the family for me to take that decision.

So at the age of 21, I became a university lecturer teaching for students who studied for Bachelor of Arts (music) piano music.

Although the job was well reputated and well paid especially for someone who is 21 years of age, it didn't take long enough for me to start feeling that there is something else out there for me. I started to have this strangest feeling, like I am living in the wrong reality, like I am meant to be living a different reality. You might say that I have been watching too many sci -fi films, but that feeling was real.

So long story short, after changing my job into many different music schools in many different countries, (by the way, I quit that safe, stable and well reputed job of being a university professor very soon) I decided to stop working for someone or at another school completely, and started a blog. Yes, a simple blog, with no plan of making money!

Honestly, I didn't know exactly what I was doing, and this was the phase where I was experimenting, learning and discovering about myself. 

And it was not easy.

After few attempts, I established my self as a business coach in the industry, which I thought was what I am meant to be.

While this was going quite ok, (I mean, not so bad) I knew that this was not my purpose. It just didn't come authentic to me. It didn't come natural to me. I had to spend an enormous amount of energy to create the results.

I realised that this is not the way to create success. I had big dreams to achieve, and I knew it in my bones that this is not how I am going to achieve it all, and this is not what I am meant to be doing.

And long story short, oneday, just sitting at our dinning table, I suddenly got this download of insight, that all is one, that success is one unified unit, and that all the systems that I have ever learnt, almost all the systems that exist out there, are not the way to success. And this knowledge started pouring into my head, like an information download.

And right there, my life changed.

I was lead to the right resources, people and places where I could learn many different arts of knowledge around the world, that help to create success, easily and effectively.

And along in this journey of discovery, at one point, I was shown what my real strengths are, what I am really supposed to be doing, and who I am really.

And that is when I stopped being a business coach all together, and completely embrased teaching about money and wealth, dedicating my 100% of time to this mission.

And I realised that this comes to me in the most natural way, that I don't even have to take much effort to create the magical results.

And since then, I have mastered the right ratio and the combination of different knowledges that is required to bring someone from their state into the ultimate wealth creating state, and get the actual money coming into their lives, and bring them to levels of success that they never thought was possible for them.

Since then, I have created a multi-figure business that has changed so many lives, that has created so many Wealthy Entrepreneurs and most of all, that has created so many happy women who are extremely financially confident and demanding the best out of life.

Iresha Tschunke - Money Mindset Elite

People ask me very often how I did make this happen.

My advice for anyone who wants to make more money, get wealthy and become financially confident is, start working on your money skills and wealthy identity. That is the only way.
No matter how great business systems you have, no matter how fancy websites you have, and no matter how qualified you are, if you haven't paid attention to your Money persona, you are not going to achieve your big dreams.

About My Business

I am here to serve and my company is built with the ultimate mission of helping women like you who are passionate about achieving their own big dreams, to make it happen, in the right way. The keystones of my company are create, build and love.

We have created so many Free contents for you to help you start to get your journey going on and our mere purpose is to make a change in the world. And my ultimate mission is to see women like you getting wealthy, successful and living your dream life with the biggest satisfaction.

And yes, we are a business and we sell things. And we are very proud and happy to create wealth and money by doing so. Although you get the majority of our work for 100% free, we do have VIP programs, and other offers that people need to do investment to make the biggest changes in their lives.
And that is exactly what I want for you too. To make money by doing what you love.

Iresha Tschunke

Behind all these scenes, I am just another human being, a woman who owns her imperfections, a woman who also has bad hair days and sometimes waking up and feeling fat for no reasons.

But my passion and commitment to bring you the very best is one thing that never ever shakes by anything in the world. I do my best all the time to bring you the best out of everything, and to keep it real, honest and practical that you can win your money game in your own reality in the real world.
How you see me on the screen, on the paper, or personally if you have ever met me, is exactly how I am in my real life. Authenticity is a huge value in my company, and I live what I teach.

If you have read this far, I thank you from my heart and I hope that this is the beginning of our relationship. And in that, I'd love to get to know more about you and to help you to achieve your money goals.

Remember, you are supposed to be wealthy and extremely successful. You are not supposed to be struggling. It is just about time that you fully own that destiny.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to be here and I am so excited that we are connected and looking forward so much for our journey ahead.